Escape Beyond ( 2015, ongoing )


I´m going out but I´m taking you with me, this is not going to be a walk, this is going to be an escape beyond. You will make your magic, I only have to follow you, you will bring me to places that look normal, you will make me stop at a certain spot: "I don´t know why I´m stoping here, I don´t know what´s the point". Then I will look, and look, there is something strange, nature starts to talk to me, everything starts to change around, there is something beneath that surface, and that one, and that one.

Now I´m here with you, and so the door starts to open, the trees become people, and the birds become feelings, and the sky is speaking very loud. The people around me draw strange figures together, the figures speak about their bonds, and about mine. Their faces disappear and they become characters of dreams, I see a thousand stories from my dreams now being told in front of my eyes, now they are not dreams anymore. The secrets of my soul are being revealed, my fears, and my scars, everything is out. I only have to follow you, and obediently click when you ask me too.

Ana Santana ( 1979, Madrid )

Based in Amsterdam (NL) since 2005 where she finished her MSc in Psychology Research cum laude at the Universiteit van Amsterdam, in her final thesis she compared the expression and experience of Anger across cultures. She has continued working and living cross-culturally ever since. Her photographs tell the story of her own life, but she takes them in the void between her and the other. In some mysterious way the images then become as personal for the other as they are for herself, and for her that´s what matters most.

In 2019 Ana´s work is being featured in the book FRESH EYES - New European Photography which will be presented in PhotoBasel and Les Rencontres d´Arles this coming summer.

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